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I have the following line of code.

<%= Html.Encode(string.Join(", ", item.company1.companies.Select(x => x.company_name).ToArray())) %>

Would it be possible to somehow replace the comma with a line break?

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I got it.

<%= Html.Encode(string.Join("***", item.company1.companies.Select(x => x.company_name).ToArray())).Replace("***", "<br />") %>

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Have you tried with Environment.NewLine?

<%= Html.Encode(string.Join(Environment.NewLine, item.company1.companies.Select(x => x.company_name).ToArray())) %>

or "\r\n"

<%= Html.Encode(string.Join("\r\n", item.company1.companies.Select(x => x.company_name).ToArray())) %>


If the companies are separated by space, the try joining the array by a space character

<%= Html.Encode(string.Join(" ", item.company1.companies.Select(x => x.company_name).ToArray())) %>


Join by a html line break

<%= Html.Encode(string.Join("<br/>", item.company1.companies.Select(x => x.company_name).ToArray())) %>
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That just shows as a space. –  RememberME Mar 12 '10 at 16:15
maybe item.company1.companies is empty –  Jhonny D. Cano -Leftware- Mar 12 '10 at 16:19
No. I see the list of companies. They're just separated by a space. –  RememberME Mar 12 '10 at 16:21
Then join by space, have you tried? or maybe it is a unicode unrecognized character... i'm just speculating in the case the character is not a space –  Jhonny D. Cano -Leftware- Mar 12 '10 at 16:22
When I join by "\r\n" or Environment.NewLine they show as joined by a space. I would like when they are displayed for there to be a line break between each company. If not, I will leave them separated by commas, but I think a line break would be much more user friendly. –  RememberME Mar 12 '10 at 16:27

I got this to work fine without encoding the string and joining on "<br/>" as follows. Depending on your Array data you might need to encode that specifically, but you don't want to encode any HTML syntax you would be using for your join character.

<%= string.Join("<br/>", [Array]) %>

Note: the new ASP.Net 4.0 code expression syntax "<%: %>" html encodes the contents of the block by default so if you were using that you'd have to use the .Replace("*","<br\>) method suggested by RememberME.

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