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Could I get some advice on what is the better way? My questions regard Play framework, Google App Engine and web development.

So I am about to start writing a website which (the hope is) will be become quite popular and therefore will need to scale. I have heard from more experienced developers that my system will not work (a play framework on a VPS backed by Mysql). Apparently this just does not scale. Especially if storing and searching through many It has been suggested that I use a system like Google App Engine (GAE) that handles all the scalability aspects. However I am just starting to realise that this means a different mind set (Application Centric).

My main question is whether I should still use play framework? The default way of using GAE is using plain Java servlets but I have found a plug in that allows play to interact with it. I like working with play but I am worried that this will diminish all the benefits of GAE scalability rendering the effort in porting my application to GAE useless.

Can anyone give some advice?

Update - to further explain: I was worried about using components that play framework provides such as sessions, cookies, etc. I am assuming that these will not be scalable unless I use the GAE api directly? I have heard that storing state like sessions is not very good and I should use the provided APIS. Or does Play's plug in already handle this? Also, Cheers

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Explain exactly why you think using a framework like Play could possibly affect scalability. Otherwise its too broad. And no it wont affect it. Your choice of sql Will affect it. –  Zig Mandel Jun 21 at 14:18
@zigmandel. Basically I was worried about using Play's built in components for managing sessions, actors, etc. I assumed that because I am using GAE I should use their APIs for that kind of stuff. Does the play plug in link to their apis already? –  Saad Attieh Jun 21 at 15:19

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