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I want to generate a SVG dynamically depending on a structure which I get from a server. It has to be on a one-page-app. Objects have an ID and properties. That defines the element.


{ "elements": 
    { "type": "1",
      "text": "Text1",
      "x": "0",
      "y": "20" },
      "type": "14",
      "text": "Text2",
      "x": "0",
      "y": "20" }

Now I want to map the "type" to a directive. So type 1 could be and so on. Each directive has watchers and can have directives inside again. There will be around 200-300 types of different elements. They all can appear and disappear over time. The whole SVG can be replaced from time to time.

An first idea is here: JSBin The problem is that I couldn't find a way to have the template compiled and linked to the scope automatically, so that all expressions and directives inside have been parsed.

What would be a good AngularJS way for doing that? I don't want to use a lot of $compile and foreach since I had a lot of memory leaks with it, when I removed the SVG and had it replaced with another. Also I think that is not the AngularJS way. I want to have AngularJS to parse the directives and watch the expressions inside.

Any idea on how to do that in a good way is really appreciated!

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If you want play with svg, take a look at d3.js library. There's a good lecture about using d3.js with angular: youtube.com/watch?v=aqHBLS_6gF8 –  akn Jun 21 '14 at 15:56

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