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I am totally new to Symfony and i d like to know how I manage to display multiple data sets from my db in a twig... untill now my attempt is the following:

class ProjController extends Controller
     * @Route("/", name="_projekte")
     * @Template("FHBingenBundle:projekte:list.html.twig")
    public function indexAction()

 $projekte = $this->getDoctrine()
        return $projekte;

to get all the data sets. Here is where my Problem starts... how do I extract the data from the array? (the entity has multiple columns but i only want two of them, name and description)

{% extends "FHBingenBundle::layout.html.twig" %}

    {% block content %}
        <?php foreach ($liste as $projekt ?>
           <tr><p>{{ $projekt->getName() }}</p></tr>
        <?php endforeach;?>
    {% endblock %}

thats how I tried to do it but apperently I am not allowed to use $ inside of {{}}? atleast thats what the error says

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You should consider reading the cookbook.

Since you are using twig, think about using twig templating system.

{% for item in navigation %} // equivalent to foreach($navigation as $item) {
    {{ item.name }} // equivalent to $item->name or $item->getName() or $item->hasName()
{% endfor %} // equivalent to }

EDIT : I don't really remember but it seems that you have to return an array for the twig templating system. return array('projects' => $projects);

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You're right about the array returned by the controller. It must be : [$variableName => $variableValue]. Here the for loop documentation : twig.sensiolabs.org/doc/tags/for.html –  Divi Jun 21 at 17:46
that was it... thanks –  JustAJavaProgrammer Jun 23 at 18:14

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