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I have a problem while using the intellij jform designer. I add that I only began recently to use this editor (since today) and I believe the error comes from me, as I can't use the product correctly. here is my problem : I created a scala project (but the error remains while creating a java project), and I added to it a Gui Form; the files are created in the project and the gui form editor is opened with the form inside. all works fine but there is a problem when I add a panel with a gridbaglayout inside : I can add a row or a column but I can't resize them : I put the mouse cursor on the right of the column, the cursor pointer becomes a double arrow but when I click on it and drag the right border of the column to resize it, the column resizing isn't achieved on the click release. it's hard to explain but it is a very simple move.

what is wrong?


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