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I've been over an hour playing with this and nothing. In this link: website

I am trying to make Isotope to do a Masonry Horizontal. When the images load, it stacks everything in horizontal and enlarges the container to fit all images IN ONE ROW!

Here's my code:

    (function($) {

        // layout Masonry again after all images have loaded
        var $container = $('#trabajos').imagesLoaded( function() {
                itemSelector: '.trabajo',
                layoutMode: 'masonryHorizontal',
                masonryHorizontal: { rowHeight: 130, gutter: 10 }


I need to fit images perfectly, from edge to edge, of the container. Tried fitRows, but doesn't use the whole horizontal space, leaving gaps in the right edge. Need a layout like the image below, and have variable width images loading.

enter image description here

What's my best option? Can Masonry Horizontal be fixed? Or should I use other jQuery plugin?

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