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I'm having a problem with my silverlight application. When i upload a new version to my production web site, the browser still acess the old version on the XAP file. It happens with both IE and chrome, and I've seen somewhere on the web (I don't remember where, unfortunatelly), that it could be a cache made by silverlight, not the browser. It works fine from my dev server (my local machine).

I've tried almost all solutions described here: Forcing browsers to reload Silverlight xap after an update and here: Making the Silverlight XAP file expire from browser cache programmatically, but it didn't work. The only solution I didn't try is the ones that said to configure something in IIS , because my hosting provider don't give me access to IIS. It would have to be something made with web.config files.

The only action that worked was to change XAP file name every build , like changing "MyXAPFile.xap" to "MyXAPFile.1.7.xap". That works, but it is not suitable because I have some values i save locally by using IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication(), and when I changed the xap file name, i can't acces the previous values anymore, wich is acceptable, since to silverlight it is a different application.

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IE has a setting for how often it checks for web site updates (default is daily), try setting that to always. –  Rob J Jun 22 '14 at 13:43

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