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Hi guys I have a table created by php in this way:

  foreach ($query as $row): ?>
                <tr id="<?php echo  $row->aic;?>" > 

                    <td><?php echo $row->aic; ?></td>
                    <td><?php echo $row->denominazione ?></td>
                    <td><?php echo $row->quantita; ?></td>
                    <td><?php echo $row->alert; ?></td>
                         <a id="bt_modifica"
                                class="btn btn-default btn-xs"
                            <img src="<?php echo base_url(); ?>template/images/Modifica.png">
                           <a id="bt_elimina>"
                                  class="btn btn-default btn-xs"
                                 onclick="deleteRow(<?php echo $row->aic ?>))">

                            <img src="<?php echo base_url(); ?>template/images/Elimina.png"> 

            endforeach; ?>


I need to delete row by rowId. This table has the dynamics id. The columns ids are the same id of the sql table; in effect aic is id of sql table! In this way I are sure that the HTML row id is unique. This is script

function deleteRow(rowID)
{   var row = document.getElementById(rowID);


this code don't delete row.

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And what is your problem ? or question ? –  Vincent Decaux Jun 21 at 17:43

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Change this:

onclick="deleteRow(deleteRow(<?php echo $row->aic ?>))">


onclick="deleteRow(<?php echo $row->aic ?>)">

Another potential issue is that this:

<?php echo $row->aic ?>

may not be a number. So, you need to quote it. That is, change:

onclick="deleteRow(<?php echo $row->aic ?>)">


onclick="deleteRow(\"<?php echo $row->aic ?>\")">
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don't work. This is an copy error. In my code I have onclick="deleteRow(<?php echo $row->aic ?>)"> –  ermanno.tedeschi Jun 21 at 17:55
I tried in my machine. It works fine. Did you see any error in the browser's console? Can you give example of HTML page returned by this php script? I want to see how the ID looks like. –  fajarkoe Jun 21 at 18:01
I have updated my answer with another potential issue. Please check. –  fajarkoe Jun 21 at 18:04
does not perform any action. Not even show the alert. –  ermanno.tedeschi Jun 21 at 18:06
Copy paste the HTML produced by your php script. It will helps us to debug. –  fajarkoe Jun 21 at 18:07

2 issues -

  • The one that might be causing issue - Incorrect Function Name
  • Other one - Calling deleteRow() twice - within each other (this should not cause any issue though)

So, just change -

function eliminaProdotto(rowID)

to -

function deleteRow(rowID)


Based on modified question -

Is $row->aic a string? If yes, then add quotes around it...

onclick="deleteRow('<?php echo $row->aic ?>')"
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I edited originaly post! This is an paste error. –  ermanno.tedeschi Jun 21 at 17:59
Looks like too many typos in the original question... @user2464063 - check the edited answer. –  Harsh Moorjani Jun 21 at 18:05
This work. thanks. Why I need to add ' '? aic is string.. –  ermanno.tedeschi Jun 21 at 18:17
@user2464063, please accept the answer. –  Harsh Moorjani Jun 21 at 18:18

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