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I am consuming a web service and calling a method which is returning an object array as below. Is it thread safe or do I need to lock it before getting the value?

class WebClient {

public string GetInfo() { Enternalwebservice extWeb = new ExternalWebservice();

Person[] p = extWeb.GetEmployeeData();

string info = p[0].name + p[1].Age;

return info; }


// calling webclient class from multiple threads , as below.

WebClient wc = new WebClient(); wc.GetInfo();

since object arrays are not thread safe do it need to lock it before reading the array.

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Why wouldn't it be thread-safe? Any concrete suspicion? –  usr Jun 21 '14 at 17:46

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Person[] p will be in Thread local storage and scoped to that thread. It is not being shared by the threads and therefore does not need any synchronization around it.

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