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I can't figure out how to forward declare a windows struct. The definition is

typedef struct _CONTEXT

I really don't want to pull into this header, as it gets included everywhere.

I've tried

struct CONTEXT


struct _CONTEXT

with no luck (redefinition of basic types with the actuall struct in winnt.h.

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Really C++, not C? – kennytm Mar 12 '10 at 17:28
You should post exactly what you've tried. struct _CONTEXT; shouldn't produce an error, but it's not particularly useful by itself. – Michael Burr Mar 12 '10 at 18:39
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extern "C" { typedef struct _CONTEXT CONTEXT, *PCONTEXT; }

You need to declare that _CONTEXT is a struct. And declare it as extern "C" to match the external linkage of windows.h (which is a C header).

However, you don't need to provide a definition for a typedef, but if you do, all definitions must match (the One Definition Rule).

EDIT: I also forgot the extern "C".

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Not solution but workaround:

// h-file
struct MyContext; // forward decl
void f(MyContext * pContext); // use pointer

#include <windows.h>
struct MyContext {
   CONTEXT cont;

void f(MyContext * pContext)
   CONTEXT * p_win_cont = & pContext->cont;
   // use p_win_cont
   // ....
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