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How would one go about displaying an image in the Android Dialog that is retrieved from the internet from a URL? I have seen examples of Dialogs with pictures (like here: but all that I saw is how the piture is retrieved from the drawable folder.

How to display the image in a dialog from a URL? Is dialog even the best choice? Should I download the image first?

Thank you :)

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You download the image via HTTP. Then you create a Bitmap object by decoding the file. Then you use an image view to display it. The image view can be in a dialog if you want it to be. – Gabe Sechan Jun 21 '14 at 21:06

you can use universal image loader to download image from web see the link bellow

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Universal Image Loader is a good tip. No need to download the picture yourself. You can first download the picture with UIL, then inflate a Dialog from a layout (needs only contain an ImageView) and show the dialog. Or you can extend DialogFragment, download the picture and show it from there. If a dialog is the best way to show a picture is up to you and your app.

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