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I have a function that return a value by checking an exiting details in database mysql inside the function I have a while loop by an array from sql query. I want to break the while loop if its find a mach how should I do it ?

this is my code:

     function chklogin()
                $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM sg_loginlastauthentication WHERE uid = '$autoid' ");
                $checkLogin = mysql_num_rows($query);
                if ($checkLogin==0)
                    return "FALSE"; // auth fail                    
                elseif ($checkLogin>1) 
                    while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($query))
                                $userip = $row['uipadd'];
                                $userra = $row['randomnu'];
                                $userid = $row['uid'];
                                $cookieipadd = md5(md5(getclientip()));
                                $authdb = md5($userid + $userip + $userra);
                                $authusco = md5($userid + $cookieipadd + $userra);
                                if ($authdb==$authusco) //ok
                                        return "TRUE";


does the "return true" is breaking the loop or I need to place a "break;" before/after the "return" ?

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Yes, it is breaking the loop

No, you don't need to put a break after return

If called from within a function, the return statement immediately ends execution of the current function.

From PHP: return

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so the "return" break the loop yes ? –  user3746250 Jun 21 at 21:33
yes it does, it returns the function and breaks the loop –  wumm Jun 21 at 21:34

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