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I solved the first part of the problem. I created unique ids for each observation:

gen id=_n

Then, I used

fillin id categ

which essentially created what I was looking for.

However, for the rest of the variables (except id and categ), almost all observations are missing. Now, I need your help to duplicate the rest of the variables instead of having them missing. Just as an example, each observation is associated with a particular week. I am missing most of them. Or another dummy variable indicates whether a purchase was made at a drug or grocery store. Most of them are missing too.



Need your help in Stata!

Each observation in my database is a 1-unit purchase of a beer product made by a customer. These product purchases are categorized unto 8 general categories such that the variable "categ" has values from 1 to 8 (1=import, 2=craft, 3=premium, 4=light, etc). For my multinomial logit model, I need to observe all categories purchased or not purchased by the customer in each observation.

Assume, this is my initial dataset:

customer id-------beer category-----units purchased

----------1------------------1--------------------- 1

----------2----------------- 3--------------------- 1

----------3 -----------------2 ---------------------1

This is what I am looking for:

customer id-------beer category-----units purchased

----------1------------------1--------------------- 1

----------1 -----------------2 ---------------------0

----------1----------------- 3--------------------- 0

----------2----------------- 1--------------------- 0

----------2----------------- 3--------------------- 1

----------2 -----------------3--------------------- 0

----------3----------------- 1--------------------- 0

----------3----------------- 2--------------------- 0

----------3 -----------------2 ---------------------1

Currently, my dataset is 600,000 obs. After this procedure, I should have 600,000*8=4,800,000 obs.

When constructing this code, it is necessary that all other variables in the dataset are duplicated according to the associated category of beer.

I assume that "fillin" and less likely "expand" might work.

You help will tremendously help. Thanks!

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Please show us what you've tried (Stata code) and point to the problem you're having with it. You should read stackoverflow.com/help and stackoverflow.com/help/on-topic carefully. Showing attempts also signals you've done your part of the research/work. –  Roberto Ferrer Jun 21 at 23:33
Please see the update in the original post. Thanks! –  Olga Jun 21 at 23:42
Answer for "Now, I need your help to duplicate the rest of the variables instead of having them missing": One way to do is to merge the original dataset with new data (one with missing) on vars id and categ –  Metrics Jun 22 at 3:18

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