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The documentation says that you can ask Swift not to use the default parameter name as the external parameter using the wildcard _:

func hello(_ str:String = "Hello with wildcard pattern") {

hello("this is my string")

But I get a 254 trying to compile it:

failed with exit code 254 (tested on Xcode 6 beta1 and beta2)

but obviously it works fine when I call it with no arguments.

and then when I do: hello(str: "this is my string"), it says that str is "extraneous"

Am I doing something wrong here ?

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If you need a quick workaround you can get it to work by adding another parameter to your function, like this:

func hello(extra: Int, _ str: String = "Hello with wildcard pattern") {

hello(0, "hello")

The 254 error is coming from the compiler, so I'd file a bug report with Apple. Even if isn't valid code, the compiler should not crash, but from what I've read, your code should work.

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It looks like a compiler bug. You can use overloads to mimic the behaviour for now.

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