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I have a ZF2 application and when implementing my API I decided to go with token authentication for every request. Everything works fine, except I can't write my UnitTests because I can't seem to set headers for Authorization:

In my PHPUnit Test Case:

// Option 1
$_SERVER['HTTP_AUTHORIZATION'] = 'Authorization:Bearer asdfghjkl';

// Option 2
headers = new \Zend\Http\Headers;
$header = $headers->addHeader()->fromString("Authorization:Bearer asdfghjkl");

Then in my EventManager I try:

$request = $e->getRequest();
$headers = $request->getHeaders();



Both show no sign of my Authorization header...

So how do I set the header for testing http header authentication with tokens?

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@HaimEvgi the solution posted there is in case you use php as a cgi and not as an apache module. I am running as a module, and even following the suggestion, didn't fix the issue. – smorhaim Jun 22 '14 at 5:17

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