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My app works with the resource of "Gifts"

Users can add gifts, see them in a list, and then click on any one of them and see the page devoted to that gift, where they can edit the listing and do a variety of other actions.

Meanwhile, users who do not add the gifts can still look at them, but their interaction options are much more limited.

Which is the better alternative:

  • to have 2 specific and discrete view controllers, one for VIEWING the gift as an outsider and one for EDITING/VIEWING the gift as the owner
  • OR to have on view controller, and accommodate both situations programmatically, substituting in different buttons

I am leaning towards the first one for flexibility and clarity, but am wondering if there are any performance issues or other concerns to note with this approach.

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I would say it depends a bit on how exactly you want to display the gift's properties. If you want to show them basically in a form based way (maybe a table view with just simple labels) I would say it would be perfectly fine to use one view controller, as you can easily switch between editing and presentation mode.

From the point where you want to have nice design, maybe also some user interactions when presenting the gift, it might be worth to use separate view controllers, since editing and presenting becomes more distinct from this point.

In general the question to ask would be how much code you'd have to add to the one view controller taking both tasks, that effectively only serve one of the two tasks, if this amount of code reaches a certain threshold (which nobody can define but yourself), you should switch to using separate view controllers.

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