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I have created a Route that looks roughly like this:

        public void configure() throws Exception {


            .from("twitter://timeline/user?type=direct&user=" + this.uri)



                    .process(new MyTwitterProcessor())
                    .to("log:do something")


        .to("log:mi amigo");


Calling this route directly from producerTemplate.requestBody("direct:twitter", object), I expected to receive a list of MyClass.class instances. Instead, it is returning the object I sent in the requestBody method call.

Based on log statements "log:do something" I can see that Status objects are being returned- the request and response from twitter are clearly occuring.

I would like to understand why my route configuration is returning the object I send it, rather than the Status object results from twitter. I have written two other routes for Facebook posts and an RSS feed. They follow a similar pattern and return the response objects, rather than the request I sent.

I would also like to know what I can do to change the behavior so that producerTemplate.requestBody(...) returns a list of twitter messages.

Thank you for your time.

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Use the pollEnrich component to obtain additional data:

    .pollEnrich("twitter://timeline/user?type=direct&user=" + this.uri)

Alternatively, you may just use following route that is automatically started:

from("twitter://timeline/user?type=direct&user=" + this.uri)

Note, that the twitter component creates one route exchange per returned object and not a list.

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Thank you, pollEnrich solved the problem I was having. –  user3764263 Jun 23 '14 at 2:08

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