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Need online service for collaborative translate .po files

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Transifex can do this.</shamelessplug>

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+1 for the good comment, thanks –  gyurisc May 17 '11 at 8:52

google can do this(now)


although i dont think you can crowd source it like transifex ... but you can certainly collaborate and it autofills with autotranslations!

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"Pootle, your server software that enables crowd-sourced localizations."


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I tried several solutions and this one looked best to me. Using it now. –  dragonroot Jun 4 '14 at 16:31

Weblate can do this as well - http://weblate.org/

It really depends on what else do you expect from the tool besides editing po files. Transifex completely manages translations for you and you export them to your VCS. Weblate can closely follow your Git tree and automatically push changes there. Also you should consider whether you want to use third party service (Transifex or hosted Weblate) or manage own one (Pootle or Weblate). Of course there are more differences between those tools.

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Maybe POEdit is a good candidate, they give you a free account limited to 1000 strings/month (unlimited projects, unlimited files).

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