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How can I handle very long strings in Play's application.conf? Suppose I have:

my.value.param = "Very very very very long line"

and I want to split long line like

my.value.param = "Very very very "
               + "very long line"

How can I do this using HOCON format? Thanks

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Just curious what is the content of these strings? ANd why do you want to split them? –  biesior Jun 22 at 21:09
Content is H2 url with long INIT –  BreatheInMyVoid Jun 23 at 13:12

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From the documentation it appears to not be possible in that way. You could work around it slightly, like this:

my.value.param = ${my.value.param1} ${my.value.param2}
my.value.param1="Very very very"
my.value.param2="very long line"

But this is very ugly, of course. I don't think it was ever the intention to have long strings stored in the configuration.

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It seems to allow array concatenation with +=. Perhaps file an issue on github for string concatenation? –  LimbSoup Jun 22 at 13:27
Thanks, this seems to be usable, I will try –  BreatheInMyVoid Jun 23 at 13:16

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