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I have a dropdown and I have styled it in a way that the current opened li is colored red.

This dropdown menu locates at the left of the page. and this menu exist in all pages.

All pages just set the content of other div in the page but the menu is always for all of them (I hope you get me).

In the controller I do this:

return View::make('restaurants.admins')->with('admin', $admin)->with('verticalMenu' , 'Admin');

So in the view I want to check this verticalMenu value, if it is admin, I will set admin's li class to open class and so on.

I will show you an example of what I want.

this is li that is closed

<li class="dropdown">
    <a href="javascript:;">
        <i class="fa fa-user"></i> Restaurant <span class="caret"></span>
    <!-- more html here -->

This is li that is opened because it has the class open

<li class="dropdown active opened">
    <a href="javascript:;">
        <i class="fa fa-tasks"></i> Profile <span class="caret"></span>
    <!-- more html here -->

So basically, I need to check the {{$verticalMenu}} before each li, right?, if yes, how please? if no, what is the correct way please?

After your answer

This is the mistake page, please look how the profile li is opened:

![Screen shot of the actual page][1]

This is the good one, where everything is perfect:

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Can you add the html code you get when you view source from the web browser too? –  Unnawut Jun 22 at 9:38
@Unnawut okay I will add it in a jsfilddle because the code will not be small but it is so easy don't worry –  Anastasie Laurent Jun 22 at 9:45
@Unnawut here we go jsfiddle.net/89CcT –  Anastasie Laurent Jun 22 at 9:46
@Unnawut there is no error, right? :) –  Anastasie Laurent Jun 22 at 9:57
Your .sub-nav class for Profile dropdown has style="display: block;" in it. Remove that style. –  Unnawut Jun 22 at 10:25
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The {{ }} basically turns a code like this:

{{ $verticalMenu }} 

Into this:

<?php echo $verticalMenu; ?>

What you are trying to achieve is this:

<?php echo $verticalMenu == 'Admin' ? 'active opened' : '' ?>

So the most straight-forward way to do it with blade syntax is:

<li class="dropdown {{ $vericalMenu == 'Admin' ? 'active opened' : '' }}">
    <!-- The rest of the list content here -->
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your answer helps me 90%, but I have a problem that when a specific page is open, the profile li is keep opening, can I show you the code in jsfiddle? –  Anastasie Laurent Jun 22 at 9:19
Since it's still related to your question, try make an edit with the extra code. :) –  Unnawut Jun 22 at 9:25
I added two images for that. if you need more code tell me please? though I know you will need right? –  Anastasie Laurent Jun 22 at 9:28
Seems like a css class issue now, you probably have an extra opened or active class somewhere in your code that's breaking it. –  Unnawut Jun 22 at 9:33
no I don't have that. I posted the whole code for you. could you check please? appreciate your time –  Anastasie Laurent Jun 22 at 9:34
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