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Curl has a feature for manually specifying which IP to resolve a host to. For example:

curl https://google.com --resolve "google.com:443:"

This is particularly useful when using HTTPS. If it was just a HTTP request, I could have achieved the same by specifying the IP address directly, and adding a host header. But in HTTPS that would break the connection since the SSL certificate host would be compared to the IP address and not the host header.

My question is, how can I achieve the same thing in Java?

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When using Apache httpClient there is a common workaround for the problem. It uses a complete different strategy to allow these types of SSL connection. Have a look at stackoverflow.com/questions/2642777/… –  blafasel Jun 22 at 10:20
Thanks, I know about that workaround, but it shouldn't be necessary as illustrated by how it's done by curl. I don't want to trust all certificates or manually trust one given certificate. I just want to decide which IP address to resolve the given host to. I may end up using a workaround like that but I'd like to know first if there's a better solution. –  GreatFire Jun 22 at 12:17

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