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I'm aware that it is promoted to use Secure sockets and HTTPS should be used instead of simple HTTP. But the website I developed is hosted on a server, that has definitions for http only. Https would pop out a 404, that is why I want to use http:// instead of https://.

I am currently editing the theme for Tumblr blog of mine, I'm using this code,

<div class="each-object">
     <a href="" 
     target="_blank">2. Ace Internationals</a>

But when I save it, Tumblr changes the http:// to https:// which would always cause a 404.

enter image description here

Have a look at the code highlighted and the URL (bottom left corner). They're both different.

What should I do, to over come this in Tumblr?

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There is no way to over come this in Tumblr as the server converts this to https. One trick that I came up with was to use and shorten the link with http://.

I converted the link to shortened link and then used it in the template. It worked then!

I wonder when Tumblr would allow http:// links.

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Are you referring to the need for http:// when editing the theme? Because from what I've tested, Tumblr does not convert the actual link to https:// after you save the page. It only does so for the sake of the preview.

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I can confirm this, both the preview and live page show http://. It may have been an intermittent issue. – mikedidthis Jun 24 '14 at 11:34

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