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i am working on a program that lets you see tweet with a specific key word in it. now i am making a user defined filter.

here is the code for it

Server side(nodejs):

    function customtweets(data) {

    T.stream('statuses/filter', { track: data }).on('tweet', function (tweet) {
        io.emit(data, tweet);

client side:

function filter(filter_name){
    socket.emit("filtername", filter_name );

    customTweet = false;
    $('#tweets').prepend('<hr style="width: 90%;" />');
    $('#tweets').prepend('<h3 style="text-align: center;">Now filtering on: ' + filter_name);

    socket.on(filter_name, function(t) {
          $('#amount').text("total tweets: " + amount);


to get tweets i use the npm packeage twit. now the problem is that i can onky filter 1 key word at the time. so itsnat async. i have tryed the hole week, and abused console.log but i cant get it to work.

i hope some one can help me with this.


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