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I have a requirement to create userids and assign Admin role for some users and I am trying to do this through a Jython script as it will speed up the process and saves time. So,I have created the below Jython script to achieve it.


import sys

fileread = open(filename, 'r')

filelines = fileread.readlines()  

for row in filelines:  
   print user_name  
   AdminTask.createUser(['-uid',user_name, '-password', pass_word, '-confirmPassword', pass_word, '-  cn', first, '-sn', last ])



   print 'Userid creation completed for', user_name


The script runs fine and doesn't throw any errors.However, the users are not able to login to WAS Admin Console and they can only able to do it after I save the configuration by clicking "OK" at page "Users and Groups" -> "Administrative User Roles" ->

Can someone please let me know what am I missing here while working with wsadmin or is there anything else I need to do to accomplish the task ?

I am working on WAS version.

Thanks for your help.

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Does the script give you the output that it has in fact performed the actions in the script? – DanielBarbarian Jun 26 '14 at 7:38

I think you need to add this code to the end of your script (not in the for-loop). This will refresh the security configuration.

agmBean = AdminControl.queryNames('type=AuthorizationGroupManager,process=dmgr,*')
AdminControl.invoke(agmBean, 'refreshAll')

This assumes you're using Network Deployment, process=dmgr. You may need to change the process.

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