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i have a json like this:

    "page": {
        "id": 220,
        "parentId": 196,
        "property": {
            "1": {
                "name": "h1",
                "value": "value i dont need",
            "2": {
                "name": "tags",
                "value": "value i dont need",
            "3": {
                "name": "description",
                "value": "value i need",

The question is: how can i get "value i need", if the id of property ("3" in my case) is changing dynamicly? So, i cannot just use


btw, i'm using jquery.


-- edited due to misunderstanding

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data.page.property[your_variable].value this should work –  keune Jun 22 at 15:27
if you mean you want to get the third property (don't care/not sure about its name), you can use the for ... in loop in combination with a counter, if the counter reaches the value 2 (the third), then access the property and break the loop. –  King King Jun 22 at 15:32

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If its going to be a random object from some server, then only have is you have to iterate the object and compare what you need,

for(i in data.page.property)
     if(data.page.property[i].value && data.page.property[i].value === "your value")
        // do your stuff
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yeee, solved it, thank you! –  Rusher Jun 22 at 15:41
With pleasure!! –  Bharath Jun 23 at 23:57

Iterate over the property-array until you find a value field. then read it

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but i have many "value" fields. probably i need to find somtheing like name=description. –  Rusher Jun 22 at 15:32
then iterate until you find the correct name field –  addy2012 Jun 22 at 15:33
okay, thank you –  Rusher Jun 22 at 15:35
just thought that there's something like data.page.property[@name='description'].value like in xslt. –  Rusher Jun 22 at 15:38
var prop = data.page.property
for(k in prop)
  if(prop[k].name == 'name you are interested')
    var v = prop[k].value || someDefaultValue; 
    // do something about v
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Pure Javascript Code

for (var k in json.page.property) {
    var o = json.page.property[k];
    if (o.value) alert(o.value); //Make sure it only alerts if there is value

Demo Fiddle

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Hope the value you need is of the last member of the property object,

var len = Object.keys(json.page.property).length;
var myValue =json.page.property[len].value ;
console.log(myValue); // prints "value i need"
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To get a specific value by name you can use a function such as the following:

function getValue( name ) {
    var val = '';
    $.each(data.page.property, function(k,v) { 
        if( v.name == name ) {
            val = v.value;
            return false;
    return val;

console.log( getValue( "description" ) ); //output: value i need
console.log( getValue( "tags" ) ); //output: value i dont need
console.log( getValue( "h1" ) ); //output: value i dont need


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i cannot use "3" because it's changing dynamicly. it can be 2 or 5 different times. –  Rusher Jun 22 at 15:34
I have updated my answer and will give a demo shortly. –  user3558931 Jun 22 at 15:39
i see, thank you –  Rusher Jun 22 at 15:42
You can check out the updated code and demo. –  user3558931 Jun 22 at 15:51
@Rusher, I have looked at you updated JSON. How do you decide what you need? Is it the last one, or by value value i need? Without clarifying that, and the fact that your requirements keep changing, you're not going to get a good answer. –  user3558931 Jun 22 at 15:56

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