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I'm making a game in which there are different ellipses and at a time i've to select only one ellipse and move it to the position where I press the pointer. So how can I do that? (Syntax Please!).

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There are to main input events you can use - PointerMoved and ManipulationDelta. Just handle one of these events and move the ellipse based on information you get. The sender of the event is the UIElement (i.e. Ellipse) that was dragged.

If it's ManipulationDelta - you also need to specify ManipulationMode - e.g. ManipulationMode="TranslateX,TranslateY,TranslateIntertia", but then you can just move the Ellipse by eventArgs.Delta.Translation.X/Y on each event.

With PointerMoved - you'll also need to check which pointer moved, whether it's pressed, track whether PointerPressed on that pointer was last raised on your Ellipse etc. I wouldn't go there.

You can move a UIElement using a few methods.

If it's in a Grid - you can move it by dx, dy by setting

ellipse.Margin = new Thickness(
    ellipse.Margin.Left + dx,
    ellipse.Margin.Top + dy,
    ellipse.Margin.Right - dx,
    ellipse.Margin.Bottom - dy);

If it's in a Canvas - you can move it like this:

var x = Canvas.GetLeft(ellipse);
var y = Canvas.GetTop(ellipse);
Canvas.SetLeft(x + dx);
Canvas.SetTop(y + dy);

Otherwise - if your ellipse has a RenderTransform - e.g. TranslateTransform - you would do it like this:

var ellipse = (Ellipse)sender;
var tt = (TranslateTransform)ellipse.RenderTransform;
tt.X += dx;
tt.Y += dy;
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But if I first click the ellipse and then click at a point on the screen, then how can I move that ellipse to that particular point? –  ABC Jun 23 '14 at 11:42
How can I get the coordinates of pointer pressed?(Syntax) –  ABC Jun 23 '14 at 11:52
You could handle the Tapped event and get the ellipse tapped by casting the sender parameter to an Ellipse. Then you would handle the Tapped event elsewhere on the screen and get the position by calling eventArgs.GetPosition(screenElement). You might also need to store the state somewhere to know whether you are in the "ellipse" clicking state or "screen" clicking state since there might be other ellipses you'd click after first clicking your starting ellipse to then place it and you'd want to ignore these other events. You can also use eventArgs.Handled = true to skip something. –  Filip Skakun Jun 23 '14 at 15:17
There is no GetPosition method for eventArgs. –  ABC Jun 23 '14 at 17:13
It is there. –  Filip Skakun Jun 23 '14 at 18:43

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