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In order to boost the performance of my Rails 4.0.2 app, I would like to cache the output of some of my static pages:

class PagesController < ApplicationController

  def home

  def about_us

  def contact


In the Rails Guide on Caching it says that "Page Caching has been removed from Rails 4" and moved into a gem. In the gem description it says, however, that it will be maintained only until Rails 4.1. Some other observers also advise against using Page Caching and endorse Russian doll caching instead.

So what's the best way to cache a bunch of static pages that will never actually hit the database and only ever change (slightly) if a user signs in?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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You can still using fragment caching for your static pages, although the benefits are obviously more visible with dynamic / DB-driven pages. It's worth considering doing this should you have a lot of partial being rendered or costly view logic. Just wrap your page's template with:

# about_us.html.erb
<% cache 'about_us' do %>
<% end %>

the first time you hit the page in an environment where config.action_controller.perform_caching = true, it'll generate the fragment (which in this case is your whole page), and it'll serve that the next time you reload it. The cache digest will be invalidated when the template is changed:

The template digest that's added to the cache key is computed by taking an md5 of the contents of the entire template file. This ensures that your caches will automatically expire when you change the template file.

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