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I have transition effect (sliding up using CSS and Javascript) for a div with different content when hovered over different parts of an image (using map). Since the map has hover effect on every part of the image the slide up effect takes place only when I enter the image (NOT for individual hovers). For individual hovers (AFTER entering the image) it would only change the content of div without any transition (although I have defined a function for mouseout). How do I get transition for each section ?

Example of the situation:


<div id="rating_value"></div>
<a onMouseOver="on(0)" onMouseOut="off()">Link1</a><a onMouseOver="on(1)" onMouseOut="off()">Link2</a><a onMouseOver="on(2)" onMouseOut="off()">Link3</a>

The CSS:


The Javascript:

var rating_values=["link 1","link 2","link 3"];
function on(element)
    var rating=document.getElementById("rating_value");
    $("#rating_value").css({'opacity':'1','top':'0px','transition':'opacity 0.5s,top 0.5s ease-out'});
function off()
    $("#rating_value").css({'opacity':'0','top':'60px','transition':'opacity 0s,top 0s'});

Here is an example of what's happening: the problem

What I actually want: the wanted

The size of image is 240x48.

The image map:

        <div id="empty_star_and_its_map">
            <img src="star/all_empty.png" usemap="#empty_star_map">
            <map name="empty_star_map" onMouseOut="hide_star()">
                <area shape="rect" coords="0,0,24,48" onMouseOver="show_star(0.5)" onMouseOut="hide_star()">
                <area shape="rect" coords="24,0,48,48" onMouseOver="show_star(1)" onMouseOut="hide_star()">
                <area shape="rect" coords="48,0,72,48" onMouseOver="show_star(1.5)" onMouseOut="hide_star()">
                <area shape="rect" coords="72,0,96,48" onMouseOver="show_star(2)" onMouseOut="hide_star()">
                <area shape="rect" coords="96,0,120,48" onMouseOver="show_star(2.5)" onMouseOut="hide_star()">
                <area shape="rect" coords="120,0,144,48" onMouseOver="show_star(3)" onMouseOut="hide_star()">
                <area shape="rect" coords="144,0,168,48" onMouseOver="show_star(3.5)" onMouseOut="hide_star()">
                <area shape="rect" coords="168,0,192,48" onMouseOver="show_star(4)" onMouseOut="hide_star()">
                <area shape="rect" coords="192,0,216,48" onMouseOver="show_star(4.5)" onMouseOut="hide_star()">
                <area shape="rect" coords="216,0,240,48" onMouseOver="show_star(5)" onMouseOut="hide_star()">
            </map><!--end of map for empty stars-->
        </div><!--end of #empty_star_and_its_map-->
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Change the inline onMouseOut to onMouseLeave

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thanks @WoleO! It works perfectly for the links (the <a> attribute)! Can you explain why that works ? But fails to work in case of images :( –  theScorpion Jun 22 at 19:59
I'm surprised it worked actually because onMouseLeave is supposed to be for IE while onMouseOut should work across all browsers. I use onMouseLeave mostly so I gave it a shot and it worked but generally onMouseOut should give the same effect. –  WoleO Jun 22 at 19:59
I just added my image map in my problem description. Please let me know if you know a solution in case of an image. Thanks for the help! :) –  theScorpion Jun 22 at 20:16
Really sorry but I don't have a solution for images. –  WoleO Jun 22 at 20:42

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