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I have a software running in my remote linux cluster. The cluster has 48 processors and I want to know somehow (through email perhaps) when those processors get free through shell script.

I usually run each job on 16 processors and usually all the 48 are in use most of the time. However I want to get some sort of notification (email or anything) saying there are processors free/the running job was completed.

Thanks for any help.

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How about processing output from top. It should show cpu usage per processor AFAIK. –  Over Killer Jun 22 at 18:49
Oh. Thanks. I never knew output of top can be processed. I will check. Thanks. –  user274642 Jun 22 at 18:54
Hint: top -b -n 1 (see man top for further help). Btw: this is better suited in Unix & Linux –  try-catch-finally Jun 22 at 19:06
or why not just add a step at the end in your script that runs the jobs step1; step2;....; stepn ; mail -s "all done " myEmail@myAddr.com < $date. Good luck. –  shellter Jun 22 at 19:59
Thanks. I was able to write a script but now I don't know if I can configure smtp in the remote cluster where I am not a root user. –  user274642 Jun 22 at 21:35

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There are a number of different application that can give you information on CPU utilization by gleaning information from /proc/sys/kernel/sched_domain/cpuX/domainX. The sysstat package contains the two applications sar and mpstat that can lend themselves to being watched by cron. There are also ways to use ps to get CPU utilization in a way that is scriptable to tell you when the processor load drops below X amount. Here is an article that introduces the applications and provides basic use: How do I Find Out Linux CPU Utilization?

Choose which every app will reliably let you know when utilization drops below X on your hardware for some period of seconds. You can then send yourself an email, directly from the cron job that is watching the CPU with something similar to printf "$HOSTNAME CPU available\n" | mail -s "$HOSTNAME CPU available" you@yourserver.com

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