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I'm having problem with MS Chart chart type column. If there are only 9 bar in the chart like the following picture, then the axis-x label show up properly.

alt text

However, there are more than 9 bars bar the chart, the axis-x label wont show up properly, some of them just dissappear.

alt text

Here's my mark-up for the chart:

    <asp:Chart ID="chtNBAChampionships" runat="server">
      <asp:Series Name="Championships" YValueType="Int32" Palette="Berry"   ChartType="Column" ChartArea="MainChartArea" IsValueShownAsLabel="true">
            <asp:DataPoint AxisLabel="Celtics" YValues="17" />
            <asp:DataPoint AxisLabel="Lakers" YValues="15" />
            <asp:DataPoint AxisLabel="Bulls" YValues="6" />
            <asp:DataPoint AxisLabel="Spurs" YValues="4" />
            <asp:DataPoint AxisLabel="76ers" YValues="3" />
            <asp:DataPoint AxisLabel="Pistons" YValues="3" />
            <asp:DataPoint AxisLabel="Warriors" YValues="3" />
            <asp:DataPoint AxisLabel="Mara" YValues="4" />
            <asp:DataPoint AxisLabel="Saza" YValues="9" />
            <asp:DataPoint AxisLabel="Buha" YValues="6" />

      <asp:ChartArea Name="MainChartArea">

I don't know it works with only 9 bars? Is there any way to make the chart work properly? Also, if possible, how to make each bar have different color. Thank you.

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I had the same problem, but i'm using c# on page load.

I solved it by adding this

    Chart2.ChartAreas["ChartArea1"].AxisX.Interval = 1;
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Chart2.ChartAreas["ChartArea1"].AxisX.Interval = 1;

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<asp:ChartArea Name="ChartArea1" >
<AxisY Title="Progress->">
<AxisX Interval="1" Title="Activity->">
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Try setting the width of the chart and see if that resolves issue with only showing 9 bars.

<asp:Chart ID="chtNBAChampionships" runat="server" Width="400px">

You can set the color in the DataPoint.

<asp:DataPoint AxisLabel="Celtics" YValues="17" Color="Green" />
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MHinton, the Width trick doesn't work. I even set Width="800px" Height="600px" to see the change but the AxisLabel won't show up properly. The same problem arises. – Angkor Wat Mar 12 '10 at 20:25
Try adding one more DataPoint to the end of the list like this. <asp:DataPoint AxisLabel="" YValues="0" /> – MHinton Mar 12 '10 at 21:07
The result is still the same. AxisLabel won't show up properly. Intead of showing 10 AxisLabel, it shows only 5 like the 2nd picture above. – Angkor Wat Mar 13 '10 at 6:01

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