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I am not sure, how we would use Selenium Python to enter text in the Javascript prompt asking for username and password?

Can anyone please advise the code for it?

I know how to switch_to_alert, and accept or reject it.

But not sure how to update the username and password in it.

Thanks in advance

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This should work for you:

prompt = Alert(driver) prompt.send_keys("TEXT")
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While this code may help answer the question, code only answers are not high quality. A better answer would explain what the code does, tell where to insert it, explain why this approach was taken, and link to relevant documentation. –  Stephen Ostermiller Jun 23 at 2:21
Hello Stephen, Thank you for replying. I am trying to use proxies. When I open a link in chromdriver... it creates a username and password prompt. I need to automate that entry –  Md. Mohsin Jun 23 at 6:12

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