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The image in question is located in a ControlTemplate inside of a ResourceDictionary similar to this (various details removed for clarity):

    <ControlTemplate x:Key="ImageTestTemplate" TargetType="ImageTest">
            <Image Source="/MyAssembly;Component/Images/MyImage.png"/>

When I view the control in Expression Blend the image shows up just fine, but when I run the app the image does not show up. If I drop the same image into a UserControl it also shows up just fine, so the problem has something to do with using the template.

Is there some other way I should be loading the image resource inside the template?

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What I ended up doing was making a new usercontrol that is basically a wrapper for an Image control. It has one property "Source" which is just a pass through for the wrapped Image control's "Source" property. Using this wrapper control from the template works just fine. –  onedozenbagels Mar 14 '10 at 14:19

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I don't think you need the leading '/'. The base resource path I'm using for a project is "IMLPrototype2;component/Model/Sounds/" in SL 3 & 4.

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I've tried it without the leading '/'. It still doesn't show. –  onedozenbagels Mar 14 '10 at 14:16

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