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I'm currently creating a web form that differs based on a first selection in a dropdown. This dropdown is initially the only field that is displayed. Once the user selected for example the first value, then the following code is creating all the form fields:


    $("<input/>", {type:'text', placeholder:'Naam', name:'Naam'}),
    $("<input/>", {type:'text', placeholder:'E-mail', name:'E-mailadres'}),
    $('<select> id:"voorstelling",placeholder: "voorstelling", name: "voorstelling"').append(
    $('<option value ="Vrijdag 7 november 2014">Vrijdag 7 november</option><option value ="Zaterdag 8 november 2014">Zaterdag 8 november</option></select>')),
    $("<select/>",{id:'voorkeur', placeholder: 'voorkeur', name: 'Voorkeur'}).append(
    $("<option value/>").text("Geen plaatsvoorkeur"),
    $("<option value/>").text("Tribune"),
    $("<option value/>").text("Zo dicht mogelijk bij podium")),
    $("<textarea/>", {placeholder:'Opmerkingen', type:'text', name:'Opmerkingen'}),
    $("<input/>", {type:'hidden', name:'recipient', value:'info@toneelgroep-prutske.be'}),
    $("<input/>", {type:'hidden', name:'subject', value:'Reservatie via webformulier'}),

After the user has clicked on a submit button, the values are sent to the webmaster. This is working fine, except for the 2 selected picklist values in the form (id= voorkeur & voorstelling). These parameters are blank in the email. The email is composed via php and the parameters are filled via the following code:

$voorstelling = $_POST['voorstelling'];
$voorkeur = $_POST['voorrkeur'];

I don't see why it's not sending the selected values via email. As you can see, I tried 2 different ways to create the picklists in the form, but using the 1 way or the other doesn't make a difference.

Can anyone help me to get the values sent via email as well? The input fields are sent correctly.

Thanks in advance!

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Why are you creating static html with JavaScript? –  Jonathan Jun 22 at 22:45
I would like to show a different form based on a first selection. That's why I'm running a function in javascript to check which option was selected. –  user3765661 Jun 23 at 9:01

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$voorkeur = $_POST['voorrkeur'];

should be:

$voorkeur = $_POST['voorkeur'];

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Thanks guys for your suggestions. However, I updated my code accordingly and it's still not sending me the selected picklist values :( –  user3765661 Jun 23 at 8:09

There's a typo in your JS

$('<select> id:"voorstelling",placeholder: "voorstelling", name: "voorstelling"')

Should probably be

$('<select>', {id:"voorstelling",placeholder: "voorstelling", name: "voorstelling"})

I would HIGHLY suggest using a console (every browser has one, hit F12 by default) and inspecting the element AFTER the page has fully rendered. Helps you find problems like this.

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