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Does anybody know of a reliable, well-made tool for creating standalone desktop applications complete with GUI, using just PHP, or primarily PHP? I enjoy the R.A.D. and many other aspects of PHP and would like to use it for some non server/client projects.

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I know this doesn't answer your question, but you really should not be using PHP for this. Why do you think there aren't any tools for this? It will be a much less painful experience to use C# if you're on windows, or Python or Ruby if you still want to use a similar scripting language. –  ryeguy Mar 12 '10 at 20:39
C# is an absolute abortion. Python has a completely unfamiliar syntax coming from most other languages, esp C++, and I don't know anything about Ruby. I believe that the MAIN reason that I "shouldn't" be using PHP for this, is ONLY because it seems no good standard GUI Apparatus exists for desktop applications, and it isn't usually wise to re-invent the wheel. –  Joshua Mar 13 '10 at 1:01

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The Roadsend PHP project, which I plugged in my original answer back in 2010, appears to be a dead project. For what it's worth, you can find the source and a couple of spin-off projects at:


For anyone looking for an answer to this question, my first suggestion would be to look into a modern cross-platform GUI development platform -- personally I like Java + Apache Pivot.

But whether you take my suggestion, or are committed to PHP-GTK, my IDE recommendation's the same: You'll want to try out NetBeans and possibly Eclipse. Both are powerful IDE's well-suited for development on either of the aforementioned platforms.

Original Answer:


Roadsend PHP

http://www.roadsend.com/home/index.php?pageID=compiler [dead link]

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roadsend_PHP [dead link]

More information from the Roadsend site:

Build Stand Alone Applications From Standard PHP Source Code

Roadsend compiles your PHP project to a single, native binary which does not require an interpreter. Roadsend builds online web applications with FastCGI, offline web applications with an embedded web server (MicroServer), desktop GUI applications with PHP-GTK, and more! Supports Windows, Unix, and Mac OS X.

NEW: PHP 5 compatible since version 2.9.3

Roadsend Studio IDE

Roadsend Studio helps you manage, build, debug and deploy your PHP projects with the Roadsend Compiler. It automatically deploys a finished project to a directory (included supporting libraries), ready for packaging. It examines your code as you type, has early syntax error recognition, auto method and property completion and auto parameter help. Full syntax highlighting editor, project source file manager, step debugger and compiling and interpreting of projects (including GUI apps) from within the IDE.

Compile Web Applications

Compile web applications for both on- and offline use. Online web applications use the standard FastCGI interface for communicating with industry standard web servers such as Apache and Microsoft IIS. Offline web applications use the MicroServer embedded web server, which allows you to run an web application as a stand alone program.

Compile Desktop GUI Applications The Roadsend Compiler uses the GTK library for cross platform operability. It supports the Glade user interface builder and is compatible with the PHP-GTK 1 API.


Roadsend Compiler includes a step debugger which allows you to step line by line through your source. You have the ability to set breakpoints by source file or line number, pause a running program, inspect local variables and inspect the call stack.

NEW: Step debug web applications!

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And for the record I have NO connection to the Roadsend project, but I don't feel bad posting what amounts to a marketing spiel, because it's a GPL project and seems fairly well supported. I won't claim that it's great to work with -- I frankly have no idea, as I've downloaded and perused their solution but never actually built anything with it. –  Brian Lacy Mar 12 '10 at 23:29
Their GUI Features don't seem to be available under Windows yet. :( –  Joshua Mar 13 '10 at 1:02
Brian, I'm glad you posted something. The Roadsend website appears to be a single page with a link to the Git repository, and no description of the project. The Wikipedia page has been deleted. I have to wonder if the GUI features were developed for Windows before the developers ceased working on it. I'd like to know more about it before I dowwnload the code. –  JohnK Jul 2 '12 at 20:31
@BrianLacy Your links are dead. Please edit your answer. –  totymedli Jun 20 at 15:06

There is Delphi for PHP but it appears to be fashioned for web development.

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If you need it to run on Windows I've actually made applications for paying customers using miniPHP IDE. It's not VisualStudio for sure, but it's usable.

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