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While searching on the internet I found many answers for How to implement a queue using 2 stacks?
But How can I implement a queue using only push and pop operations of a stack. The push operation of stack can be used in a similar way as enqueue operation of a queue as both appends the data at the end. But the problem lies in implementing deque operation as queue works in a FIFO manner while stack in a LIFO manner.
I know somewhere we will have to use recursion as in case of reversing a stack using only push and pop operations of stack. The pseudocode which I am writing for reversing the stack using push(),pop() & isEmptyStack() functions of a stack is

void reverseStack(Stack s){

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Easy. You Cheat. Use the call stack as your second stack. Also known as recursion. –  Speed8ump Jun 23 '14 at 1:54

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It is possible to do it without recursion.

1)Let's maintain two stacks s1 and s2(both are initially empty).

2)enqueue: push to stack s1.

3)deque: if s2 is empty, while s1 is not empty pop elements from s1 and push them to s2. Return pop(s2).

This solution has O(n) time complexity(for n queries) because each element is pushed only twice(to s1 and s2) and popped only twice.

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