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Generated an endpoint class for the an Entity, but whenever I add a parameter to the method signature of the list method and generate the client library, the extra parameter is not reflected

@ApiMethod(name = "listTransLog")
public CollectionResponse<TransLog> listTransLog(TransLog t,
@Nullable @Named("cursor") String cursorString,
@Nullable @Named("limit") Integer limit) {

EntityManager mgr = null;
Cursor cursor = null;
List<TransLog> execute = null;

  mgr = getEntityManager();
  Query query = mgr.createQuery("select from TransLog as TransLog where transTime>"+t.getTranstime());
  if (cursorString != null && cursorString != "") {
    cursor = Cursor.fromWebSafeString(cursorString);
    query.setHint(JPACursorHelper.CURSOR_HINT, cursor);

  if (limit != null) {

  execute = (List<TransLog>) query.getResultList();
  cursor = JPACursorHelper.getCursor(execute);
  if (cursor != null) cursorString = cursor.toWebSafeString();

  // Tight loop for fetching all entities from datastore and accomodate
  // for lazy fetch.
  for (TransLog obj : execute);
} finally {

return CollectionResponse.<TransLog>builder()


the parameter added to the method was "TransLog t" however in the client code the listTransLog does not accept any parameters can someone explain or give sample code to help achieve passing in of an extra parameter

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the problem is very similar if not the same as [stackoverflow.com/questions/20582266/… –  Dilz Stef Boodhoo Jun 23 at 4:47

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