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iam using WPF Dynamic data display dll for plotting charts. after complete data binding there is o chart appearing. when i checked the code i found that the chart is plotted using c# brush.

enter code here

using Microsoft.Research.DynamicDataDisplay;
using Microsoft.Research.DynamicDataDisplay.DataSources;
using Microsoft.Research.DynamicDataDisplay.Charts;
     private void StartData()
          string SignalName = DateTime.Now.ToString();
          double SignalValue = new Random().NextDouble() * 100;
          c = new TimeLine() { SignalName = DateTime.Now, SignalValue =new Random().NextDouble() * 100 };

          charts.Plot(SignalName, SignalValue);

enter code here

This is the code that i have used but iam unable to graph and iam getting an error:

Error 1 'Microsoft.Research.DynamicDataDisplay.ChartPlotter' does not contain a definition for 'Plot' and no extension method 'Plot' accepting a first argument of type 'Microsoft.Research.DynamicDataDisplay.ChartPlotter' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Please help me.

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