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I am having a oracle table where the ROWID column is having data which is duplicate but as the field is case sensitive its considering it as 2 different rows eg. 'Test' and TEST are considered different.

when i am accessing this from MS SQL Server using ODAC, i am getting the error saying System.Data.ConstraintException:Failed to enable constraints.one or more rows contains values violating non null,unique or foreign key constraints.

Any way to query the data using ODAC?

Anyone faced similar issue?

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Please post the query you are using to access the oracle data –  Raj Jun 23 at 7:01
Hi thanks for the response it got solved using OLEDB driver. –  user3766289 Jun 24 at 8:13
Voting to close as this question already has been solved by the poster. –  jpw Sep 20 at 19:04
ROWID is an Oracle internal unique identifier for a row. The "ROWID column" can never contain a value like TEST. –  a_horse_with_no_name Sep 20 at 19:09

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