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As per the title I have three parts to this question...

Is db4o object manager enterprise free?
-I saw a blog post about it being free.

Where can I download it? -the website is rather unclear

Is it a standalone application? -I seem to remember it was an eclipse plugin but this was awhile ago. Is there an Intellij plugin?

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OK this whole post is really screwed up. I don't see anything particularly wrong with the OP's question (aside perhaps from it not being totally coding related) -- and yet it has -2, which is undeserved. The "Best Answer" is in fact henchman's comment on Gamlor's answer, although Gamlor's answer is decent enough. NerdK's answer is not particularly great, but surely doesn't deserve a -1 any more than Benju deserves -2. – Brian Lacy Mar 12 '10 at 23:26
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  1. Yes, it's a part of the db4o-distribution.
  2. It's a part of the db4o-distribution. When you unzip (or install) the db4o-distribution, it's in the ome-directory.
  3. It's a Eclipse-plugin for the Java-platform and a Visual Studio plugin for the .NET-platform. There's a stand-alone-port, but I'm not sure how active that is developed maintained.
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@OP: If you licence your own project with GPL (eg: provide sourcecode to everybody who gets the binaries), you can use db4o for free. Otherwise, you will have to get a commercial license. – Phil Rykoff Mar 12 '10 at 23:22

It has a free GPL version.

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