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I have created a batch file to zip my backups, but the batch files works only if I copy the batch file to the 7zip.exe folder on c drive; otherwise it doesn't work . How do I run my batch file from any location?

Here is my command:

7z a -mhe -p1234 -t7z "D:\Batch test\2\%datetimef%.7z" "D:\Batch test\1*.*" -mx0

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PATH %PATH%;"c:\7ZIP";
7z a -mhe -p1234 -t7z "D:\Batch test\2\%datetimef%.7z" "D:\Batch test\1*.*" -mx0

where the c:\7zip is the folder where 7zip is.

The problem is that your 7z.exe is not in your PATH variable and cannot be found and executed.While when it is in the same directory it can be found and there is no problems with your execution.For script purposes you can edit the %PATH% variable with PATH command or edit it through environment variables .

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Could you clarify your answer? Why would this command work, and why didn't the OP's command work? –  Arjan Jun 23 at 11:29
@Arjan - done.. –  npocmaka Jun 23 at 11:43
There's a permanent way to set the %PATH% var: Setx PATH "C:\7ZIP;%PATH%;" –  Alex Jun 23 at 18:39

You can put the full path to the 7z binary like so:

"c:\7zip"\7z a -mhe -p1234 -t7z "D:\Batch test\2\%datetimef%.7z" "D:\Batch test\1\*.*" -mx0

You're explicitly telling the interpreter where to look for the binary.

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