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When starting the Azure Storage Emulator, it fails because of a port conflict with some dell drivers/software.

I solved this by changing urls in the StorageEmulatorConfig section inside WAStorageEmulator.exe.config.

      <service name="Blob" url=""/>
      <service name="Queue" url=""/>
      <service name="Table" url=""/>


So now the emulator runs without problem.

My web application still tries to connect to the old ports, though....

The connection string that I use is the short one:

<add name="AzureStorage" connectionString="UseDevelopmentStorage=true;"/>

I have tried the normal form too:

<add name="AzureStorage" 

How does my app discover what endpoints it should use?
How can I tell it to use another port?

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You can try by specifying endpoints in your connection string:

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great! But it would be even greater to know how (or in this case, why not) the application discovers the right ports in the first place... –  Vegar Jun 23 at 13:38

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