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I want to print those record has which has 5 pipe delimiter and first name matches to CHINA. I have tried below method but no output.

my @country_records = (

for my $item (@county_records) {
    my $value =  q( awk -F '|' -v string=CHINA 'NF == 5 && $item == string' );
    my $record = system($value);
    print $item;
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You never pass any input to awk. You never retrieve any output from awk. –  ikegami Jun 23 at 13:21

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No need to invoke awk for this:

my @items = split /\|/, $item, -1;
if ((@items == 6) && ($items[0] eq 'CHINA')) {
    print $item;

split on the | character then check it gives 6 items and the first one is CHINA.

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You r simply genius !!! thanks a ton –  user3717017 Jun 23 at 13:29

Not AWK, using Perl regex match:

my @counrty_records = (
  , 'HK|UK|Pak|ARG|Nep'
  , 'Lon|WC|Chile|SA'
  , 'CHINA|hk|UK|pak|arg|ind'
  , 'CHINA|AFg|UK|pak|arg'

foreach ( @counrty_records ) {
  print $_ . '<br>' if $_ =~ /^CHINA(\|[^\|]*){5}$/;

Loop through array of pipe delimited records, print those records starting with "CHINA" (case sensitive), and followed by 5 pipe delimiters, each delimiter followed by 0 or more non-pipe characters.

If you prefer to match CHINA case insensitive, then add the "i" modifier:

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thanks for the response ... –  user3717017 Jun 23 at 13:30

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