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I have a web application running on Django, and I want to set up an instance of twitters streaming API in the background. However, I'm having trouble setting up the architecture as I need to access the Django ORM from the background process. I was thinking about using a tool like supervisord to control the lifecycle of the streaming process, but constantly reading and writing data into the same database as my Django web application. The way I know I could do it is:

  • I could be using cronjobs and restarting it at intervals to take advantage of for instance django-kronos to access the ORM, but it wouldn't make that much sense.

  • I could be setting up a separate service, parsing the objects needed into JSON and send it an API at the main web application. This would be bad when I would need to do changes multiple places when a model for instance would update.

Anyone got any ideas as to how I could execute this?

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