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First of all, I'd like to present the background of the problem. I am working on a project in which I need to get the data from a very old Coordinate-measuring machine (Type TESA3D MS343). The machine is so old that it works with a PC with DOS os. The software on DOS is called Micro Measure. In order to get the digital data, I use printer fonction of this software: I connect my Macbook to the COM port of the DOS pc. The communication protocol is RS232. The printers that the measure software supports are OKIDATA 320 and EPSON lx 810, who are 9 pin impact printers using ESC/P as the printing protocol.

Now I'll present my problems As I don't have such kind of printer, I use a sniffer of serial port to observe the data sent by the DOS pc. But the datas I received in HEX were so strange that they merely make any sense to me.

Here is a sample of the data:

I measured a point with the coordinates X,Y,Z as (176.775, 297.562, -213.225) and I called the printer fonction 3 times.

The packages that I received are:

  • FF 72 6E A0 0E FF DD 71
  • FF F2 6E A0 0E FF DD 71
  • FF 32 DC A0 0E FF DD 71

Then I measured another point with the coordinates X,Y,Z as (154.819, 190.925, -204.292) and I called the printer fonction 3 times:

the packages are:

  • FF F2 6E A0 1E 7F F1 BF
  • FF 72 6E A0 1E 7F F1 BF
  • FF F2 6E A0 1E 7F F1 BF

I learned the protocol ESC/P a little but I didn't find any sense of these datas. And I can't find any relation between the coordinates and the datas in the packages. (But different coordinates correspond to different packages, so in my opinion the package may contain the coordinate information.)

So I wonder if there is any handshake procedure at the beginning of the communication? Is the communication between the PC and the printer bidirectional or mono-directional? And any body is familiar with the communication of such kind of printers? or someone has encountered any similar packages?

Here is the sniffer code. As it works well, I don't think there is any error.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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