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Is there a way to directly assign a CSS value to a SASS variable, like this:

$var:padding: 20px/1440px * 100%;

I know that I can to this:

$padding: 20px/1440px * 100%;
padding: $padding;

But is there a way to directly assign a value in CSS to a variable? Basically to have it on a same line.

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No. This is what mixins are for. –  Ennui Jun 23 '14 at 15:45

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not possible to use a variable directly, you could use a mixin instead:

@mixin pad{padding: 20px/1440px * 100%;}
.div-with-padding{@include pad;}


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no its not possible to assign directly from the variable. you have to use mixin for that.

sample :

@mixin ur_padding
padding:20px/1440px * 100%

@include ur_padding;
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You could assign a css value like a string:

$var:"padding: 20px/1440px * 100%";

But I really don't know how is this going to help you. Mixin is the best way.

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