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I have a column of floating point values in an Elasticsearch index. When I try and find their average value I'm getting AggregationExecutionException[Unsupported script value [0.336]] returning...

Here's the request I'm making:

params = {
    "query" : {
        "match_all" : {}
    "aggs" : {
        "avg_grade" : { "avg" : { "script" : "doc['weight1'].value" } }

resp = requests.post('', data=json.dumps(params))

resp.content looks like:

... Query Failed [Failed to execute main query]]; nested: AggregationExecutionException[Unsupported script value [0.105]]; }]",...

Should I be importing values with float() wrapping them instead of as just regular strings? Is there something I could add to my query to handle these values better?

I've tried adding in parseFloat in the query but it's reported as a function not found.

[Error: null pointer or function not found: parseFloat]\\n[Near : {... parseFloat(doc[\'weight1\'].valu ....}]\\n             ^\\n[Line: 1, Column: 1]]; }
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