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I have a NSTextField within a Window and I created a very simple MacRuby delegate:

class ServerInputDelegate
    attr_accessor :parent

    def textDidChange(notification)
        NSLog notification.inspect

And I have tried setting the control's delegate:

alt text

I have tried setting the Window and every other object I could think of to this delegate. I have also tried setting it to other delegates (application for instance) and events like applicationDidFinishLaunching are being properly triggered.

Is there any trick I am missing in order for this event to be triggered every time the contents of this NSTextField changes?

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Subclass NSTextField and then in IB set the Class of the text field you wish to subclass to "ServerInputDelegate." Once you start typing it should autocomplete for you.

class ServerInputDelegate < NSTextField

    def textDidChange(notification)
        NSLog notification.description
        puts self.stringValue



2010-04-30 14:37:24.810 TextFieldTextChanged[69109:a0f] NSConcreteNotification 0x200350b00 {name = NSTextDidChangeNotification; object = <NSTextView: 0x2003b95e0>
    Frame = {{2.00, 3.00}, {436.00, 17.00}}, Bounds = {{0.00, 0.00}, {436.00, 17.00}}
    Horizontally resizable: YES, Vertically resizable: YES
    MinSize = {436.00, 17.00}, MaxSize = {40000.00, 40000.00}
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textDidChange:, perhaps confusingly, is an NSTextDelegate method, which means it only works for NSText (and therefore NSTextView) objects. For an NSTextField, you should just use the NSControl delegate method controlTextDidChange: No need to subclass.

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Voting you up, not because you answered this question, but because you solved a different problem I was having - thanks! –  Reuben Mar 12 '12 at 0:59

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