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I have a .each() that is running a loop to find the following below..

Given the following which builds during the .each loop

id - desc
313 - blah blah
213 - blah blah
313 - blah blah
323 - blah blah

How can I form this data in JQUERY to be posted to the server (coldfusion)

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is that a literal string that's being built in the loop? Or is it structured data (such as JSON - [{'id':'desc'},{'312':'blah blah'},etc,etc] to be sent to the server? –  James Kolpack Mar 13 '10 at 2:33
I'd like it to be structured data like a JSON object if that's the smart way to do it, bec it's going to be a record for each line in the database. But I've never done this before. Does that answer the q? –  AnApprentice Mar 13 '10 at 2:34
I posted my answer to your other similar question: stackoverflow.com/questions/2436952/… –  Dan Sorensen Mar 13 '10 at 6:13
You're going to have to be more clear in describing your situation to get a reasonable response. "313 blah blah blah" is not a part of a clear statement of requirements. From your comment you said you are trying to post a record for a line in a database. That's helpful. you should put that in your question. –  Cheeso Mar 14 '10 at 16:52

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I've learned this can be done with JSON in javascript, which is a component for Coldfusion:


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Look like a recordset in the browser. you can transform that as JSON , or you can try the javascript orm framework. like this:

 var ds = new JDataset();
  var ds = new JDataset();
  ds.setVal("Id", 1);
  ds.setVal("Desc", "a");
  ds.setVal("Id", 2);
  ds.setVal("Desc", "bb");
  ds.post({url: "server/service.php"});

you can see more detail at http://codeboogie.com

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You can model a record in a database in json, by using the column name for each column value.


{ "column1" : "value1",
  "column2" : "value2",
  "columnN" : "valueN" }

If you are sending multiple DB records in one json transmission, then put them into an array:

[ { "column1" : "valueA.1", "column2" : "valueA.2", ... "columnN" : "valueA.N" },  
  { "column1" : "valueB.1", "column2" : "valueB.2", ... "columnN" : "valueB.N" },  
  { "column1" : "valueC.1", "column2" : "valueC.2", ... "columnN" : "valueC.N" } ]

If you are sending other information, put the array into an object:

{  "messageId" : "ASDUO38748",
   "timestamp" : 1873873873873, 
    [ { "column1" : "valueA.1", ... "columnN" : "valueA.N" },  
      { "column1" : "valueB.1", ... "columnN" : "valueB.N" },  
      { "column1" : "valueC.1", ... "columnN" : "valueC.N" } ]
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