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I am trying to sort a ObservableCollection using a extension method.

I'm using as reference this post: http://stackoverflow.com/a/16344936/1357553

Here is my code:

public static void Sort<T>(this ObservableCollection<T> collection) where T : IComparable<T>
    List<T> sorted = collection.OrderBy(x => x).ToList();
    for (int newIndex = 0; newIndex < sorted.Count(); newIndex++)
        int oldIndex = collection.IndexOf(sorted[newIndex]);
        if (oldIndex != newIndex)
            collection.Move(oldIndex, newIndex);

So, when I call this method using I got an exception:

ObservableCollection<myDataModel> AllTasks = new ObservableCollection<myDataModel>();
//fill AllTasks 


"An item with the same key has already been added."

The exception occurs in when I call the Move() method.

The funny thing is that, when I use the same method with a "string" instead of "myDataModel", it works fine. I have googled all over and I could not find anything about this exception. It looks like there is something wrong with "myDataModel" implementation.


The implementation of myDataModel is quite ordinary.

public class myDataModel : IComparer<myDataModel >, IComparable<myDataModel >
    //other stuff

    public bool Equals(myDataModel other)
        //equals implementation

    #region IComparer, IComparable
    public int Compare(MainPlanTGanttTaskViewModel t1, MainPlanTGanttTaskViewModel t2)
        return t1.CompareTo(t2);

    public int CompareTo(MainPlanTGanttTaskViewModel other)
        if (this.Start.CompareTo(other.Start) != 0) return this.Start.CompareTo(other.Start);
            return this.SapCode.CompareTo(other.SapCode);


Can anyone give me some help?

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Well...what's myDataModel implementation? Equals(), GetHashCode(), stuff like that... –  Adriano Repetti Jun 23 at 16:16
"It looks like there is something wrong with "myDataModel" implementation.", so..would you like to show us your implementation that might be faulty? –  Patrick Jun 23 at 16:16
cant OrderBy be enough to sort? –  Mo Patel Jun 23 at 16:20
Instead of sorting the observablecollection, have you looked into CollectionViewSource? It has most of the functionality you need for a view (like sorting and filtering), but leaves your initial collection intact. –  Patrick Jun 23 at 16:20
you migth wanna see this example - blogs.msdn.com/b/priozersk/archive/2010/05/26/… –  terrybozzio Jun 23 at 16:21

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