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I want to be able to have two Haml elements on the same line. For example:

%h1 %a{:href => '/'} Professio.

That doesn't work. How would I get something like this to work without borking?

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Unfortunately, you cannot put two haml elements on the same line.

You can achieve something similar by using inline html elements:

%h1 <a href='/'>Lorem ipsum</a>

Why don't you like this format?

  %a{:href => '/'} Professio.

Another option is to write special 'helper' method (that generate an html link). For example, the link_to in Rails:

%h1= link_to 'Professio', root_url
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I would like it on the same line because I want the output HTML to be on the same line. I'll just do multiple lines, thanks. – Ethan Turkeltaub Mar 13 '10 at 14:34
Check Garvin answer bellow, he got late but seems to be the right one for this question. – fotanus Jun 20 '12 at 21:50

Late answer, but I was just tackling the same problem myself and knew HAML had a way to do this as part of the language. See the White Space Removal section of the HAML reference.

You could do it this way:

  %a{ :href => '/' } Professio.

Or this way:

  %a{ :href => '/' }> Professio.
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Haml cannot do this. Slim can:

h1: a( href='/' ) Professio.

is the same as:

  a( href="/ ) Professio

You can write as deeper tree as you need:

ul.nav a( href="/home" ):    strong Home
  li:        a( href="/contact" ): span   Contact

Jade also has similar syntax and support this feature, but it's been designed for Node.js environment.

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Thanks for pointing out Slim, it seems like a nice alternative to HAML! – canotto90 Jun 29 '15 at 15:00

If you're looking to preserve the HTML on the same line you could try something like this:

irb> print"%h1<\n  %a{:href => '/'} Profession.").render()
<h1><b href='/'>Profession.</a></h1>

Found here: HAML whitespace removal

[Edit: I know that's says b href above...]

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I posted my answer after I realized your answer was essentially the same. I didn't realize it was the same at first because the code sample is kind of obfuscated. – Jim Garvin Apr 20 '11 at 17:16

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